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Niche Service

Eldercare Management is a niche service for Medical Guardian Pte Ltd. While our main focus is on assignments on a daily basis, ElderCare Management Services will cater to those Client Families who have to travel, for work or pleasure or simply to get away, to manage home life comfortably by pre-planning months in advance.


A professional Team to undertake delegated home management is priceless.

Our Service provides choice. It can also serve as respite for hardworking, hard pressed, time scarce members of society to plan business activity or family holidays, for instance, knowing that beloved elderly members of family remaining at home, are also well catered for.

Delegated Responsibilities

Delegation of responsibilities for ElderCare is sensible & totally viable. Everyday ElderCare management comes with all kinds of complexities. Mounting stress for the lack of time to deal with multiple issues, often constantly evolving & yet needing to be addressed, is a major issue.

In childcare, delegation of responsibility is already catered for & widely accepted by society.

Our Professional Medical Guardian Management Service works to the same high standards, as in childcare, in ElderCare.

Job Description

Job scope of a Professional Medical Guardian remains that of an executive or manager. Our role is to complement, never to replace you, to carry on managing home life with a proxy, in your absence.
Explainer: A Professional Medical Guardian assumes the role by standing in, to undertake management responsibilities, on your behalf, in your absence, under your instructions.
For you, the Client Family, ultimately remains in charge, albeit at arm’s length. A professional ElderCare Management Service thus provides the necessary breather for you to ensure fulfilment of obligation & responsibilities with a peace of mind at home & capacity for concentrating at work.

Job Scope

Responsibilities within homes, still need to be fulfilled regardless, in your absence.

ElderCare Management Services comes with a broader job description.

Our Professional Medical Guardians will perform specific duties which are pre-arranged, coupled with pre-determined instructions set out by you, the Client Family, to be executed in your absence. Our Team will provide feed-back as scheduled or when it is necessary to liaise with you in order to determine another or further course of action, not previously discussed.

While the job scope carries a lot more responsibilities, all arrangements must be carefully crafted in advance to reflect the intention of Client Families themselves for their loved ones. In life, gaps are inevitable no matter how well planned or thought through a set of instructions is. Thus, the relationship between a Professional Medical Guardian & a Client Family, the bond, is crucial.

Explainer: Professional Medical Guardian is a Liaison Specialists in Homecare.


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