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Guardian Whisperer Service

Medical Guardian Pte Ltd provides a professional & secular service. A service catering to Client Families & those critically ill.

Critically ill

For the critically ill, companionship is cherished. While it is often extremely difficult to maintain peace, serenity & a sense of normalcy around, in what is often an anxious time filled with stress & buzzing activity, Guardian Whisperers fulfil a role.
With tenderness & compassion, Guardian Whisperers can provide Families that little precious space, often much needed.

Client Families

Guardian Whisperer Service is about providing choice to families. Respite or space are often much needed for those Family members in charged, to take stock, plan, collate & prepare for the days ahead.


Our fees are based on the Professional Medical Guardian Services. A minimum of 2 hour charge applies.
Block bookings are encouraged.
Time left over from any one of our Services can be used in lieu of other Services provided.
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