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This course is not the usual eldercare training available in the market. Besides basic theory and practical assessments on skills like cpr, we participants were put to test on many challenging near-to-real-life scenarios. Therefore it’s more appropriate to call it an introduction to eldercare management. Thanks to the trainers for sharing their many years of experience in nursing care, I am glad that I can walk away with life skills that will be applicable to the challenges of an ageing society.
- Tan Swee Heng, Freelance Copywriter

The workshop covered various modules which are indeed very practical and useful especially the wheel chair module, First Aid, CPR and AED. Equipped with the practical skills and knowledge through the classes, it helps us to apply the skills learnt when unexpected situation arises. Basically, I feel it’s an asset to attend this course. I am very thankful to the trainers for their guidance and sharing their experiences and skills that they have acquired through the years of their career in nursing.
- Eleanor,Course participant

Undoubtedly, I gained a lot of knowledge from this course. Having learnt the procedures on CPR & AED and repeatedly practising it, I dare to say quite confidently, I am able to carry out the steps, organise help & support in this crucial moment. I can do my part to try save a life while waiting for the paramedics to arrive. The First Aid procedures like hand sanitation, treating and dressing wounds, cuts, fractures etc. is a must to know. The right way of bandaging to stop a bleeding wound is important. Learning not to cause contamination, complication and to avoid further injuries is useful. The right technique for transferring a person in different situations is a very important topic for caregiver to know. Understanding Body Mechanics helps prevent injury and pain. Patients are better cared for but understanding this topic also helps to prevent injury to oneself. Surely, the wellness of caregiver should not be neglected. This course outlines the well balance life-style to stay healthy; mentally and physically, avoiding suffering to oneself and be a burden to others. Overall, this is a very unique course, covering a wide range of topics in relation to health care; sufficiently and practically enough for anyone intended to be a caregiver. Whether as a career or for personal knowledge, this course is for consideration. I strongly recommend it. I hereby sincerely thank Medical Guardian Pte Ltd for conducting this course. Thank you very much for the effort and patience imparting the knowledge to us. “Well done. Keep going.”
-Mr Koh Yew Wah, Course participant

“Though I had learnt Cpr before, this course covered more topics such as emergency management, hygiene, wellness and other health related issues a carer or lifesaver should take note of. As the trainer, June, is experienced in medical field, she was able to share valuable experience for first aid and to share the Do's and Don'ts. The course also covered areas on the roles of carer or medical escort. Case studies were discussed during the course which makes it interesting and informative. I will definitely recommend this course to one who is new and interested in knowing more about first aid and healthcare in wide perspective.”
Fern Yap,Self employed, Freelance tutor


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