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Professional Guardians & Escorts

To be considered professionals, there are many crucial elements that must come together. Here at Medical Guardian Pte Ltd we understand that while the service we are providing is not novel, the pathway to building a service that is professional, is indeed.

Job Scope:

Thus in building this as a professional service, ultimately, it means that the job scope of a Professional Medical Guardian needs to be differentiated from that of daily care workers.


Our emphasis is on leadership & management skills.

Providing choice:

Our Service is here to provide choice for families.

Time constrain:

Time constrain is a factor that can no longer be ignored. There are huge limitations to how much leave a person can apply for use in constantly dealing with everyday family matters.

Role of a Professional Medical Guardian

A Professional Medical Guardian’s role is to effectively undertake assignments with the highest level of proficiency & efficiency at all times, in any circumstances which can often become stressful, challenging & demanding very quickly.

Ability to act & react appropriately, is key.

While daily care workers concentrate on the activities of daily living, our Professional Medical Guardians do not undertake those roles but conduct the seamless management of such activities to ensure that Client Patients receive the highest level of attention & care possible.
Professional Medical Guardians therefore, will be doing what you – a Client Family member - will be actively involved in, if undertaking this assignment, yourself.

Trained as associates & managers

Professional Medical Guardians are trained as associates and managers.
Trained to effectively represent but never to replace you, the Client Family.

Delegation of responsibilities

Activities are crucial in the maintenance of the wellbeing & welfare of elderly family members. Our Service is about providing that option to delegate the management of routine activities to a professional team.
In ageing, while the intensity & frequency of such activities increase, the ability to safely fulfil such commitments by an elderly family member, independently, is often no longer an option.
Thus, in delegating to a professional team who are trained, with safeguards & accountability to undertake the role in which you, the Client Family member can trust, has to be priceless.

Win Win

In engaging a Professional Medical Guardian is win-win for all.
Medical Guardian Pte Ltd is training locals for the role.
Our emphasis is on good management of older members of society who can still be effective in work, part-time, professionally helping out fulfilling the need of other family members within our society.


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