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Guardian Training

In any profession, training is key to the development of a role & maintaining a benchmark toward fulfilling a level of competency.

Pioneers in training

Here, at Medical Guardian Pte Ltd we are wholly committed to training & are pioneers in developing this concept of a Professional Medical Guardian.
Albeit the role as medical escorts have been defined & regularly fulfilled by past & present nurses, to accompany Client Patients, especially on overseas assignments.

Training via a Different Pathway

Professional Medical Guardians are sub-set of healthcare workers who have chosen a different pathway to that of a daily care worker.
Professional Medical Guardians are those who are interested to work in healthcare but are NOT interested to work as daily care workers.

Who are Daily Care workers?

Daily Care workers are those involved in undertaking responsibilities in an elderly care with activities of daily living.
Activities of Daily Living (ADL) are defined as routine activities people should be able to do every day without assistant. These are:
(1) Eating
(2) Bathing
(3) Dressing
(4) Toileting – being able to get on & off the toilet & perform personal hygiene functions.
(5) Transferring – being able to get in & out of bed or chair without assistance.
(6) Maintaining Continence – being able to control urine & bowel functions.

Training Syllabus

Our training syllabus looks at the many facets in healthcare which are important for a Professional Medical Guardian to understand.
As Professional Medical Guardians are trained as associates & managers, our training requires an insight into the management of risks.
Our specially tailored syllabus provides a comprehensive & holistic approach into looking at working in healthcare, less hands-on but focusing on patient centric, patient-management roles.


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